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129 Records in MetalFirst Ferro Nickel News Database

MetalFirst.Com Bulletin Board(GMT 2014-10-24)

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Products Subject Date
Ferro Nickel E United Group to invest ferronickel plant in Indo... Mar 29, 2018
Ferro Nickel Indonesia plans to Pomalaa Antam ferronickel expan... Oct 18, 2016
Ferro Nickel China’s June ferronickel imports fall Jul 29, 2016
Ferro Nickel Indonesia Antam to start its Pomalaa ferronickel s... Jun 14, 2016
Ferro Nickel Philippines Global Ferronickel plans to start its ... Jun 02, 2016
Ferro Nickel Indonesia Qingshan’s ferronickel production bits ... May 06, 2016
Ferro Nickel Domestic high ferro nickel cost is the bottleneck Apr 26, 2016
Ferro Nickel Ferro nickel offered at a premium amid limited scr... Mar 25, 2016
Ferro Nickel Chinese ferro nickel market prices stable Mar 17, 2016
Ferro Nickel Chinese stainless steel manufacturers improve ferr... Mar 14, 2016
Ferro Nickel Chinese medium and high-grade ferronickel prices l... Mar 10, 2016
Ferro Nickel Chinese ferro nickel output down by 4% MOM in Febr... Mar 04, 2016
Ferro Nickel Chinese high-grade ferro nickel transactions quiet... Mar 03, 2016
Ferro Nickel High grade ferronickel price edged down Feb 16, 2016
Ferro Nickel Indonesia Antam’s ferronickel production growth i... Feb 15, 2016
Ferro Nickel Chinese ferronickel producers begin to reduce or h... Feb 02, 2016
Ferro Nickel Chinese ferro nickel imports fall slightly in Nove... Jan 19, 2016
Ferro Nickel China keeps to import much ferronickel in November... Dec 29, 2015
Ferro Nickel Ukraine's Jan-Aug Ferronickel Exports Fall 6.1% Ye... Oct 21, 2015
Ferro Nickel Zhenshi group Indonesia ferronickel project starts... Sep 18, 2015
Ferro Nickel Brazil’s ferro-alloys exports fall in July Aug 11, 2015
Ferro Nickel China’s ferro-nickel imports descend in May Jun 30, 2015

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